Our products have a 12 month warranty. During the warranty period, all interventions due to program errors, installation and reinstallation are free of charge.

Maintenance Contract

We provide annual maintenance contracts for all our products. Our annual contracts are including revisions, fixing bugs, as well as installation and reinstallation of our software packages. The response time of your call is usually up to 1 hour (maximum 4 hours).

Service Call

Our team provides on-site service in any part of Macedonia. Service call is charged for each intervention performed, depending on the scope of the work.


Technical support is usually performed by our team using an application for remote access to the client computer, RemoteHelp ,
In specific cases, we are providing on-site service, in any part of Macedonia.

  • Our technical team is ready to provide complete technical support for both our applications and other hardware and software issues, that may appear.
  • Our philosophy is to respond to requests as soon as possible. Our team is technically well-prepared to give clear and quick answers.