Credit lines

Program used in organizations that provide credits, loans and amortization plans…

This program includes working with credits and loans to financial institutions and end users: legal entities or individuals.

The system prepares amortization plans, cumulative кумулативни obligations, loan reprograms

Some features:

  • Loans to financial institutions
  • Loans to legal entities
  • Loans to individuals
  • Commitments due
  • Automatic contract generation in Word format
  • Co-financing
  • Statistical data
  • Calculations based on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual repayment
  • Grace period
  • Method of fixed principal or installment
  • Compound or Simple Interest
  • Daily or Periodical Дневно или периодично embedding
  • Modus 1/360, 1/365,1/366
  • Some reports:

  • Loan review
  • Amortization plans
  • Expected principal and interest
  • Performance indicators
  • Active Loans
  • Commited / non-commited interest
  • Commitments due
  • Export to Excel, Word, PDF, Snapshoot

  • Automanager