• Wages calculation, working hours, sick leaves… Monthly and yearly reports. Reports per employee or for all employees in the company
  • Provides calculations and payment of salaries. The calculation may be based on a fixed net or gross salary, and also on the basis of coefficients and hours worked
  • This module is compatible with the external pension software MPPIN
  • Some features:

  • Employee profiles, education, sectors, work positions
  • Calculation on net basis or net with personal tax
  • Possibility for multiple calculations for same month
  • Optional calculations for chambers
  • Sick leaves, shortend working hours
  • PLD-MP form, payment orders
  • Digital MPPP form
  • Some Reports:

  • Personal Income List
  • Coefficient calculations
  • PD, PIO, health insurance, Employment ... lists
  • Employee wage (monthly and yearly)
  • Wage of all employees (monthly and yearly)
  • Employee average
  • Export to Excel, Word, PDF, Snapshoot