• This solution comprises all activities in service departments. Direct connection with warehouse for spare parts, sales, bookkeeping.
  • Controlling and resource management in service operations (tables with hours spent and spare parts). Integrated with the warehouse management module, it can provide document which can be service warranty and warehouse request at the same time. All work done as a part of the past services can be categorized and standardized, so that it can be used later as standardized process or free( descriptive ) services.
  • Offers management of the standardized, extra hours and hours spent.
  • Working order (VIN, indications, diagnostics, standardized services, spare parts)
  • Service calculation
  • Service history
  • Warranty
  • Billing,norms
  • Employee time cards
  • Automatic stock update in the warehouse for spare parts
  • Automatic invoices
  • Automatic data transfer to Financial Accounting
  • Some reports:

  • Service History
  • Monthly CROSSTAB tables comprising hours spent
  • Monthly CROSSTAB tables comprising spent spare parts
  • Periodical reports
  • Warranty analytics
  • Efficiency of the servicemans
  • Warranties
  • Export to Excel, Word, PDF, Snapshoot